Tomorrow I meet the seniors and those in between. I have improved my schedule from the autumn. Now I also start directly when the semester starts, so they don’t miss out any time. I will give them the same task as the kids in the other school, but this time I will be clear about the schedule so they deliver continuesly every month. I don’t wanna have to warn that many kids again, that I had to last year. The seniors get to do the same task, almost, I have modifed it a little bit and put a more controlled schedule on it. I think giving the kids totally free strings was just bad, since some don’t seem to be able to deliver with free tools. This time it is still free, but controlled. Then the classes with those in between I do with the music teacher. They get to do it in reverse this time. They make the film, then put music on for it. Yeah. It will be alright. I think I know what to do. But of couse, I am nervous. Tomorrow I am speaking about demands from Skolverket. I am going through the schedule and doing all those things. Showing them examples and so forth. Tomorrow is the kids first school day for 2018. Of course I am nervous. But I will do fine. I will try to show them endless possibilities with doing the tasks to their liking and benefit.

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