It’s time to sign off unemployment for a while

I am unlisting from the work agency now, no need to protect income. Income has been 30000SEK/month all autumn and now it is 32000SEK/Month. It is about 384000kr, but 12% added to ~one month, so yealy income is 387 840SEK. These are no low-income jobs in Sweden. They are middle class incomes. Regular basic academic salaries.

But in Sweden a lot of stuff is included when you live here. Social fees, pension and such are paid above the salary, so on top of this the employer pays more. If you have collective agreeement they pay additional pension and insurances.So if you get sick you get 80%, some employers have additional 10% on top of that. Some have extra health care benefits, my partner has that, means my partner doesn’t have to wait in line for operations and rehabilitation. Some pay a small additional fee for that. Well. A lot of stuff is included in Swedish taxes.

Health care and medicins in Sweden cost maxium 1800SEK/year. Childrens medicins, dental and health care is free til you are 21 years old. Child care has maximum limit on fees. I don’t know how much, but fritids kosts 908SEK/month (after school child care). School is free. University is free (for the permanent residents). College is free (for the permanent residents). If you live more than ~5km from school you get bus card up to high school. In Sweden you can borrow money to an apartment or house of maximum your income times five, if you have cash you add on that. Both incomes in a household are counted in, if both are buyers. Food is free in school and included in child care. Roads are usually free, except if there is toll. You pay taxes on the cars, that covers road fees except where there is car toll. None fenced nature parks and woods are free to visit. You may freely pick mushrooms, blueberries and red berries, swim in lakes and so on. But you cannot cut, breach branches, flowers or kill or injure animals. You cannot stay in a tent on someones nature land more than 2-3 days, you are not allowed to leave marks. You must be careful in nature. This is called “Allemansrätten”. You are not to camp in large groups. You are not free to urinate or shit outdoors in Sweden. You must do it in a toilet. It is punishable by a fee.

It is time to pay a-kassa and union charges on real levels. So I am now qualifying to backup money from my union. I get income insurance now. Thanks. I just need to pay the union fees. Well. I am not gonna do the last exam this coming week. Have no lust. Haven’t studied. I don’t feel like doing it. My tutor on the distance course tries to get me to do theirs… won’t do that either. Fuck it. I have no lust. So I ain’t doing it now. So it is. Doing it once wasn’t good enough. It is just a waste of my time. My decision about that is done. I postpone it. Gonna do VAL perhaps next year? Yeah, most likely. Then I will never have to do anything again. Since they will say I already have all that I need. I have 815hp, that is ~13,5 years. I have missed some exams…. I should have additional couple of hundreds of credits if I had been a really good student… haha… I am not, it is difficult for me to study. It doesn’t come naturally. I rather listen to people and then speak. I don’t even like reading.

I have a undiagnosed condition called language disturbance. I got all the signs for that growing up. That is why it is very difficult for me. I have problems knowing when you completed your sentence, when you pause I speak up. People think I interfere. I cannot do anything about this. I just don’t differentiate pauses from fake pauses. I don’t understand irony if not thought to me. But I have tried my best over the years, on my own, on pure will power. But I don’t want the diagnosis on paper. I don’t want to have that on paper. Sweden is a fucked up country. I have a doctor’s certificate that recommends I don’t take class room exams, but Uppsala university simply ignores it. It is permanent, it will never go away. I cannot do them. I don’t wanna learn things by heart. I get anxiety reading and having to memorise. It just doesn’t want to get stuck… I don’t even remember what I have read many times when I have read it once. It is to difficult to read four books and have an exam on that. I will never manage such a class room exam. I just won’t. I know that. There is no chance I can remember four books by heart. Long texts with compact format is difficult, always was. It takes time to read. It is very difficult. As long as that tourment exam is not done, Uppsala university never gives me my teacher’s certificate. I never get a permanent assignment because of Swedish law. So I already have three degrees. My teaching education would be my 4th… but I don’t see that happening ever… not as long as Uppsala university doesn’t help me. They already said no.

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