And the neighbourhoods in Stockholm continue to trouble our minds

In Vårby Gård someone found a grenade. What a sad story someone had to pick it up. He should just have called the police, nothing more. But he chose to pick it up, what a bad mistake. It detonated and he died. I have worked in that neighbourhood. One of the best schools isn’t that far away from there actually. Well. It is bad that people have those things there.
There is a parking space where criminals hang out, many in the neighbourhood know that. Mafia they say. I parked my car there… my colleagues thought I shouldn’t park it there. They said it was the mafias hang out. Well, nothing happened to my car. Maybe because it was the mafias parking lot? Perhaps.

It would be nicer if exploding hand grenade bombs didn’t go off, I rather see love bombs that explode out a lot of love by people being really nice to one another. It’s easy to be mean.


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