Come to me, you won’t know what hit you

Oh, come to me, you are so cute little darling. Want some food? Aha, some cuddleing? Alright. I am at my siblings, with my kid. I am a housesitter and pet guard. Even though the house has alarm. Well anyways. I think I am gonna go to the movies during the weekend, with the kid. We are also gonna visit friends. Well. We are having a parent-kid-weekend, just the two of us and two pets. No partner, it has to be at home taking care of our pets.

Come to me and I can teach you a lot. Wanna learn?

Well. So after the weekend I go home again, working in a new work place as a temp. I like temp jobs. Project job. It has a beginning and an ending. I am temping for someone on leave. So when this project job is over the old teacher comes back and I have more experience. Well. I also get paid full all summer. 8 weeks holidays is just great! Yeah. So with that said I am gonna teach. I have planning days Monday and Tuesday. I don’t know if the other teacher already has a plan, if not I will have to do the plan. So what am I gonna teach ’em? I am gonna modify my autumn, do the same, but do it differently, step by step, since the kids are not used to keep schedules by themselves… I don’t wanna repeat that, so there is some improvement in this area. More controlling them, less giving free tools. We are gonna do so much in just 20 weeks. It is a challange. But I want the kids to know more than the rest of the regular population(those not into it) in this subject. I want my knowledge to be inprinted in these kids, so they too can go out and critic the world. I am actually gonna try that. They all will get to chose an artists @instagram from a couple of selected artists. They will be able to give examples on what artists they would want to have. But I will design the task. Then I want them to find subliminal drug marketing on the artists homepages and argue why they think it is that in the images. Yeah. That is just one task. I am gonna make ’em aware of product placement in musicvideos also. Focus on drugs, by showing them music videos with drugs. Haha. Teachers power. New school. 1000 students to manifest myself to. Ripple effects out to the world. Poor “drug” dealing music artists. I am also gonna tell the kids they all can comment in blogs, Facebook, snapchat to all their friends what they learn. Haha. Karma is a bitch. I am gonna ask my students if they wanna influence the artists, instead of the other way around. I am gonna ask ’em if they wanna do this with me. Ask them for tips how to change an artist to going to non drugs in social media. Ask them how they think they can change some artists mind. I think they might have totally good ideas.

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