Old town work

So finally they recruited someone to the teacher’s position in my old hometown. They simply stated I wasn’t needed anymore. Fuck how they where complicated. They complicated my life. My new job has fixed a temp. How are we gonna get rid of the temp now? I have no job for three weeks. Everything is so complicated. I want to start my new job on Monday. So I can take the car to work everyday. And go home after work each day, except the days when I drive to my old hometown to attend my studies at the university, of course. God, why is everything so complicated? Just give me my job in my new work place. Let kids and staff be amazing and let me be a perfect match for once. Then I have to redo the action research. Mean teacher at the university doesn’t like how I do the notes. Fuck it. He doesn’t like anything I write. I have to make the fucking action research report. Fuck it. Damn.

Why did the city employer have to complicate my life? I said no only five days after I said yes. Why? Couldn’t they just have said: We will fix it! Thanks for telling us. Have a great time!

No they had to say I had a oral agreement. Obviously had no rights. So I was kind enough to say I honor it. But look where it gets me. Fucking in limbo. So no salary for 3 weeks more? I am already poor as it is. Give me my job from Monday. Please. Waiting for a positive answer that I am welcome on Monday!!! Why did the old hometown school answer this late??? WHY?

Do I have to do temp jobs for 3 weeks now?

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