God is good

God granted me my wishes. I don’t have to work in my old hometown this semester. I start my new job on Monday. Thank God. Finally the wrong job is gone and the right job is here. At least I get to work in my own subject. Feels good. I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I just wanted to relax. Take the car to work. Work. Go home. Yeah. And some days every month go to the university. Yeah. So it is. I am so tired of this story… finally everything is fixed, by me. I try to be good, but I always suffer on the way to my goal. Never easy to reach my goals. Well. Now I am finally on the right track, but the path there was not straight.

Okay. I am going to my hometown now. Gonna be a pet and house sitter with my kid. I also get to meet friends. Well. I will embrace the visit over there. I come home before the weekend is over. My partner stays at home. Probably its going to watch too much sports on TV… if I know my partner. Sports and TV is boring.

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