Fuck I hate the employer in city I lived in. I am supposed to start working on Monday, at the fucking wrong place. I got the contract today. It was written the 22nd. I have not gotten the contract until today. I wanted out of it the 27th. Didn’t I get any thinking time? “Ångervecka” as they say? So on Monday I have to start working with kids I have never met. God, life is complicated. I am so not up for it. I have exams the 11th. I don’t feel happy going there for three weeks, I miss out on the students I am supposed to teach. I also don’t have anywhere to live… I have… but not in the right city, in a neighbouring city. Fuck it. I am so not up for it. I feel anxiety. I wanna be in my own home, my own bed, my own stuff. Yeah. I don’t wanna live at my siblings, their house makes me sick. They have wooden fire and my asthma gets worse when I am there and they use the fireplace. I wanna be home, I wanna work at my new employer. Fuck.

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