Bad DNA in humanity

I think I got the worst parts in majority from my parents genes. My father’s short legs… and long bad back and scolioses from my father’s gene pool. My father’s families genes for blood vessels to the brain, with signal loss. My father’s ugly teeth and lips. My mums enormous nose. My neck is damn ugly, must have skipped a generation or more, since I don’t know anyone with a ugly neck like mine. Well. Then the obisety… both families. Yeah. Bad eyesight from mum. Beard growth from whose side? Father has a lot of human hair… must be that…

I got my mums genes with the look of my eyes… and they are actually beautiful. My mum has blue-grey eyes and my father has ice-blue eyes. I have neither. Must have skipped a generation, cause I got green eyes.

Well. I wonder who gave me the genes for my knees? Must be father, since I have their short legs… My grey hair? Definately my father, my mum still has blonde hair. My haircolor is mixed. My father has black hair and my mum blonde. I am in the middle. Well. My brains? Definately genes from my fathers side…

Well. The only good thing is that my grandparents turned old. One is still alive. I think I have more genes from my father for my looks, yet my sibling and I look a like… the eyes make such a likeness on us. But we don’t have the same types of noses and bodies. But fatness and eyes. People can see we are siblings, even though I am a decade older.

Well. I “look like my mum”, but still I look a lot like my father… that is why I am ugly. My father is a beautiful man and my mum a beautiful women. But I turned out ugly. Perhaps ordinary is the right terminology. Interesting.

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