Old boyfriend

My old boyfriend, that I had in my teens and I never lost my virginity to is still my friend. Now he follows me on Instagram. Hmm. He is different. He is a swinger. But now he lives in a polygamic relationship with a married couple. That means he is only involved with them sexually. He borrows the wife and goes on trips and does things with her, with his consent. They are all friends. It is a little bit odd for others. I am glad as long as they are happy. But this boy is very much Mr Grey, but not as rich. He is a IT boss at a large company though and has a big paycheck. He is adopted. He is into SM and dominated by women. I know others that are too. He has many similarities with Mr Grey. He is okay rich, adopted and into SM, but hasn’t had a bad childhood. He has flight certificate also, just as Mr Grey. He is not fit and not a billionaire, but he is a millionaire. And he is not the one that dominates. So there are some differences. But I have known this man since I was 15. We have a lot of common ground. We have worked in the same industry, even at the same place at the same time with the same product… he did the installations and I did the educational materials. I broke his heart… and therefore I have no chance to ever get back with him, he simply doesn’t trust me with his heart. I can understand a 17 year old being heart broken for life. I didn’t mean to, I just wasn’t ready for sex and such… at that age. He would have waited, that I know, he is a real gentleman with good values. Kinky sex, but a genuine good person. Has a fun life. Into photography, just as me. He is into music, even though pretty different than me, but so is my partner. Well. I gave him my Instagram address to let him see an image. Didn’t expect him to follow me… but he did. My partner also follows my Instagram, my relatives too… just saying… Perhaps even some old students… My Instagram is full of advice. He is a genious in computer engineering and electronics. He builds his own drowns and 3D-printers, just for fun. He was one of the first involved within social media. He was the first to give me tips of what I could do online when new technology came out in the beginning.

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