Embrace a drugfree lifestyle

Drugs (i.e. alcohol, smoking, narcotics) are no good for anyone. For parents drugs is a no, if you really care about your children you do no drugs. If you want to have children, don’t do any drugs! Children diserve drug free parents and adults surrounding them all through life. Drug addicts are the worst for kids. With drugs comes all the worlds problems. With drugs comes sickness, neglect, abuse, violence, crime, bad attitudes and bad morals. Don’t surround yourself with drug addicts. Say no to drugs, choose a drugfree lifestyle. Be happier, experience more and be healthier without drugs. Say no to drugs. Choose a drugfree lifestyle, just like me, that means that you say no to drugs.

There are enormous possibilites to live a life without drugs like alcohol, narcotics and smoking.

First your breathing will be better without smoking. Your lungs should be healthier compared to your lungs with smoking. To give up smoking, if you are smoker, you may need help. There are phonelines you can call in Sweden to get support. Perhaps other countries have that too? In the pharmacy you can get help with plaster och shewing gum. There are also electronic cigarettes that do not smell. But with those you are still an addict to nicotin, but at least you are one step closer to quit. Some need therapy to be able to quit. Others need a new hobby to do. Every time you want to smoke, do something like write a poem, song, or draw an image, do some excersizes with your fingers. Haha. There are many fun finger excersizes that can keep you occupied. You can search online for more hints and tips of how to quit smoking or how to say no to being offered.

Why should you quit smoking?
1. Smoking is really bad for the environment, you waste nature resources.
Smoking gives waste, many throw the waste anywhere. We already have to much waste for mother Earth to handle. No friend of the environment can smoke.
2. You will be healthier. If you are already sick your health can improve.
3. You save money. Money you can give to sharity or do something fun with.
4. Smoking smells bad and annoys many people. You are egoistic when you don’t consider others, human and animals around you.
5. You will perserve the spaces around you. Smoking gives a smell on stuff around you, even you smell.
6. If you have children, loved ones, parents, friends, animals and such you expose them to passive smoking, it is bad for their health and increases their risk of getting sick because of you smoking around them.
7. Smoking is a poison, a gas with 4000 chemicals. You are polluting the surrounding environment.
8. You can kill a person allergic to smoking, since they can get an allergic chock.
9. Smoking deteriorates your veins. You risk heart and blood disease.
10. Many people don’t smoke and many don’t want a partner that smokes.
11. Some employers have forbidden smoking during working hours here in Sweden.
12. You can get KOL if you smoke.
13. You can get cancer if you smoke.

So are these reasons enough? Search online for more.

Alcohol causes liver damage. It can also give you pancreas. If you are unlucky it only needs one drink to get sick for the rest of your life. Not many tell you this, but you can be one of the unlucky ones. Alcohol can give you cancer. It can also give you “skrumplever”, that is when the liver decreases and changes to a unhealthy color, finally it stops working and your body no longer has any cleaning system. You die if you have a non functioning liver. Pancreas is needed for the “digestive and endocrine system that serves two major functions: exocrine (producing pancreatic juice containing digestive enzymes) and endocrine (producing several important hormones, including insulin.” You simply need the pancreas to your system, to sustain your lifestyle really.
Alcohol also puts you at risk for being used by others. You can loose judgement if you drink. You might do things you later on regret when you have alcohol in your system. Some people have left their friends sleeping in the snow when they where drunk. Imagine how you would feel when you wake up the day after and your friend freezed to death outdoors? Just because you had clouded judgment because you where drinking. You are a drunk driver if you drink and drive. Drunk drivers might end up injuring others and even killing others and they can also risk doing damage.
Your brain can get pre dementia from drinking. Nothing you really wanna have. You might end up in a home at a young age because of that. Alcohol dementia. Do you really want that?
Some become criminals and do bad things with alcohol in their system. Others become victims with alcohol in their systems.
To many children who have grown up with at least one parent that drinks have witnessed how horrible it has felt to be around drunk adults. It given to many children scares for life.
If something happens at home, a drunk person isn’t always as bright and well functioning as a non drunk person is. You might not even understand there is an emergencyImagine you having your kid die, just because you chose to be a drunk parent and you couldn’t help the kid, friend or relative because you where drunk? Not to smart right?
If you are drunk during pregnancy the kid can get FAS. It is a sickness in the child.
You can get a phycosis from drugs.

You don’t need any drugs in your system. If you have some sickness, go to the doctors office to get help. Drugs can make you crippled for life if you use them. You might have to cut off a limb or more if your blood vessels get injured due to you shooting those drugs into your veins. Even inhalors risk the body parts, so you are not safe that way either. You can get flashbacks from some type of drugs, they stay in your system for years and can release at any time. Imagine you getting that when you have your kids in your car. Not to smart right? You can read more on the links below.
A lot of employers do drug tests. Narcotics show up even if you took them a while ago. Some don’t hire drug addicts. Many don’t want partners that are drug addicts. Many people do not want to hang around drug addicts. Why do you think that is? Drug addicts are considered unrealible in general. You cannot trust bodies on narcotics. They might fail. Some drug addicts have done burgleries on what once was friends or relatives, such things do decrease association with people. If you are not trust worthy, why should they hang around you?
Many drug addicts can loose control and are hooked on the narcotics. It drains your income, narcotics cost money. It also makes you addicted to it, you need the supply when you are addicted to narcotics. The supplier will have a hold on you. They can increase the cost, depending on demand and availability. Finally you might be desperate and start selling yourself or doing illegal stuff just to finance the narcotics you so badly need.
You need help if you are a drug addict. There are rehabilitation centers you can use. There are support groups. Look online what you can find where you live.
You can get a phycosis from drugs.
Even if drugs are allowed in your country and you are addicted, not many countries allow narcotics and some give death penalties for drug crimes. So do you wanna travel? Don’t be an addict to illegal narcotics.