No income

Currently I have no income what so ever. I have been without an income for almost one week. I have been to interviews and I got two full-time job offers. I said yes to the other one, but a day after I got another job offer. I thought about it over Christmas and decided I wanted that job.

I haven’t signed any agreement. I haven’t even seen an agreement on the first job offer. I didn’t think we had an agreement until it was signed. Imagine my surprise when the city employer decides to tell me I have an agreement I have to honor. Shit, I don’t know the rules, since I haven’t seen the agreement yet.

Well, anyway, I call the union and they tell me cities in Sweden have 1 month notice time. So if I give notice it counts from that day. So I decide to give notice. I asked, well, I am then giving notice and in one month I don’t have an agreement anymore, what do you want to do? I have yet not received an reply. But if they want me to go there and work, without an apartment I will.

I have enormous travelling time if I stay in Stockholm. My friend said I could stay at my friends place. It is about 40 minutes away with train. That works fine. Well, anyway. Strange that a city tries to hold on to staff so tight. It’s just a few days over Christmas. Am I not allowed to regret an employment like any other agreement? It is within a weeks time. Not much time has passed. They must still have people to chose from. I just recently applied for that job.

I wanted a full-time assignment in Stockholm area, with 2000 SEK more per month in salary. I wanted to stay at home. God, everything is complicated. But the new employer said its fine I work in the other city that month, they will fix it.

Life is complicated sometimes. Why can they not just let go? Let me be? Let me have the job that is the right subject, instead of a subject I haven’t studied… four out of five days would have been another subject. My subject would have been one day per week. I didn’t know if I would get another job, but when a better job was offered, well, then I wanted the better job.

Well… life is as life is. Strange employers. Even the union thought it was strange a city employer just doesn’t let me go. So I have to work there three weeks, just because? Very strange. I haven’t even signed any contract. I haven’t even seen the contract yet. The world is so upside down. The other employer, in the same city, didn’t honor my oral agreement… so why should I???

I am honest and true, look where it gets me… God only knows… I yet have no income… of course I want a full-time job in my own education closer to home… since I don’t have an apartment in my hometown. I haven’t told them I am allergic to dust and that subject most likely has a lot of dust… I might even get sick from that job… but what don’t we do for money? We risk so much just to earn a living.

I shouldn’t even have done the health care track either for that matter once up on a time, with my scolioses and such. I take on many strange jobs, just because I am unemployed and poor and my jobs are just temp jobs… non are permanent because of the Swedish system. As long as I don’t have my athorisation I can only be a temp. My asthma and allergies are a valid “walk out” from that job… but they might think I am strange because I took that job in the first place… don’t wanna tell ’em I risk my health for that job and I rather not… I am allergic to a material in that classroom too… at least in pollen…

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