Gymnastics, please

Oh… we did say that when the kid knew how to swim it could switch. It can swim now and it is bored with swimming now. It has obviously asked my partner if it could train gymnastics. I thought to myself when my partner said it had signed up the kid to gymnasics… wonder if the kid knows what it is? And doesn’t mistake it for P.E. that they do in school? I asked the kid if it wanted to do what they do in school. The kid said no it didn’t. It knows what gymnastics is. I then asked where ever it got that idea. In school, many in school obviously go to gymnastics. More expensive… than swimming. Just saying. Wondering what kind of parents sent their kids to gymnastics? Well. I am worried they might injure themselves. I have always been scared of gymnastic tools. I asked the kid if it rather didn’t want to do dancing, like my sibling did. Street funk, street dance and all those things… then I showed some moves and the kid said I was crazy. End of discussion. Well. I guess I am a parent to a gymnastics kid now for half a year. Wondering what comes next? I can understand budo, dance, music… even football… but gymnastics? Noone amoung relatives or friends do that… noone. The kids in school influence each other too much. The kid is a monkey… and yesterday I watched Monky at the movies. Oh God… did I make the kid do this? Today my partner signed the kid to gymnastics… oh God. Did this movie make it tip over? Oh God… the kid has hung high up in the trees… it is already climbing high… but I am thinking Parkour would be more fun… but I don’t think the kid knows what that is. Perhaps I should show some YouTube clips about it?

So I did… I then said, after gymnastics classes you can do parkour instead… haha.

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