I have done a couple of exams this week… I still have few more to go. Sigh. I have classroom exam in January. I am not up for it. I haven’t started on that one yet, however I have studied it all semester so I am prepared. Well. Anyway. I have two more exams on top of that. I have already done one today, so I don’t think I will continue more today, because after a while I start feeling nausea and I am there now. I cannot do more after that. So I will continue tomorrow. I have one exam in conflict theory and one in drama. I will do one of them tomorrow. Haven’t decided which one I wanna do first.

So it seems I have to go to my hometown to work three weeks in January. I honor the oral agreement. Fuck I am too kind. Even the union said I could fuck it, beacuse they cannot withhold a salary or so, but they said I might not be able to work there in the future if I did… don’t wanna risk that. So I do it. The new employer did say okay. So my salary is 30 000 in January and 32 000 after that. Still not on my IT-salary levels yet. I will be there as soon as I get authorisation and then get a real job and not a temp job. Well. This type of income is not low-paid. Low paid jobs are under 20 000. Usually they are low qualification jobs or the problem is that you only get part-time and therefor they are considered low-paid. My sub teaching had a regular income, but only paid part-time, therefor the salary is considered low-paid, but it isn’t if it is full-time. Well anyway, I have way better salary now then working in the temp agency. I have a real teacher salary now, even though I can get higher in Stockholm with the education completed. I am satisfied with my salary, but when I have experience and completed education I will go closer to 40 000 SEK a month. That is my goal.

All these choises… they twist our destinies.

I have also become a student member in Lärarförbundet. I am a member in Unionen already, there I am a full member all next year, beacuse I qualify to “inkomstförsäkring” now. I have been on “student leave” there. But now, when the salary is 32 000 I can skip the fail-safe as a student and become a worker, even though I still study. I will however still be a student at Lärarförbundet, until I graduate.

Well. I am on target, even though I always have to reroute. My life is like that. Even my car has to reroute… and be repainted for the third time. How hard can it be?

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