Merry Christmas world!

Merry Christmas people of the world. The Christmas tree is decorated. Christmas presents have been placed under the tree. Not all, but most of them. Christmas decorations are in place. It looks cosy and it feels like a real Christmas. We have “adventsljusstakar”(lights) in two windows. A star in one window. The traditional “julkrans”(round thing with branches) on the entrance door. Some small Christmas trees outside the door. Well. It’s enough to make it feel like Christmas. In the kitchen there is a modern version of a mini Christmas tree. In the kids room is a pink glittery Christmas tree. Well. It looks like Christmas is here. The food has been prepared for Christmas eve dinner. Potatoes and such need to be cooked on Christmas eve.

In Sweden we celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. We hand out the presents and eat Christmas eve dinner. Some watch Kalle Anka(Donald Duck), which I happen to think is a fucked up tradition to even turn on the TV on Christmas eve. Anyway. I have given food bags to the poor. Five beggars outside the stores in our neighbourhood got bread, pasta, sallad, tomatoes, pepper cookie cake, a package of clementines and lemon water. Well. I hope they are satisfied. I tried to make it full of vitamines and energy. Well.

We ain’t travelling. My mum and her husband both work and earn 200%, so they are never counted in. They haven’t been present for many years. They prefer working. My mum’s husband sees to that the city gets warmth in the heating system and hot water. So be it. My mum attends her patients and makes them have a merry Christmas.

My sibling has its partners relatives and friends over for Christmas. I don’t wanna travel. I could have gone to them. But I rather not travel. Since we got this kid we no longer travelled. My sibling used to come to us. But since they got their house they don’t travel anymore. They have no kids of their own.

Well. Anyways. I think it is much more relaxing to not go anywhere anymore. I was so tired of travelling 5 hours each Christmas. It is so relaxing to not have to go anywhere. Just be home. Doing nothing. Just being.

I am going to donate some money to an animal shelter and a orphanage. We need to think of those with less in times of holidays in this western society of ours, where shoppoholism has been too much in focus during the holidays. My partner wanted to buy yet another present to the kid today. I said no. The kid already gets presents for 2500SEK. It is spoiled rutten. I got my partner to full stop, I am happy about that. It’s a insane amount of money and I never got that expensive presents from my mum or her partners growing up.

Send a thought about climate change to our polar bears at the artic circle. They suffer when the ice melts. By the way, we don’t have polar bears, other than at the zoo, in Sweden. It is a false rumour. We have regular bear only… just saying.

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