Oh…all these choices. Live with my mad family with a partner and a kid that messes up and steals my energy, or escape to safe haven in my hometown in my own little apartment? the second sounds more appealing. I just don’t have my own apartment yet.  I tried to write down positives and negatives about the two jobs…I don’t know…which one is the best?

Postives hometown

Younger kids (easier)
Half classes
New challanges(subject different)
2 teachers in my subject
Get days off when I need it for school
Close to the trainstation
Temp job, just til the summer
Good salary
I qualify to LAS til the summer
Asked for references
I am teaching my new subject alone
I know the town
I know the neighbourhood
I get experience in a subject I wanna study
There is a shortage of people in this subject(can benefit in finding a new temp job)
No personal questions on the interview

Negatives hometown
Don’t have an apartment yet
Early mornings and late nights as long as that is not fixed
3000 SEK to travel by train
Cannot participate in family life
Family is going to be annoying because I will be tired
I am allergic to my pets
Apartment costs money, between 2500-4000SEK
Not the only teacher in my own subject, must work with someone else
I am a rookie in my new subject(not fully educated)
It is a job in a town I wanna live in
Can never get a real job in this subject if I don’t study it
I cannot tell one of the rectors who my sibling is, they don’t like each other

Positives Stockholm
Have living quaters that are cheap
My family lives here
I qualify to LAS because it is a one-year-long temp job
Better salary than in my hometown
Good area
Okay school district
Mixed classes
Half classes only
Only teacher in the room
I get experience in my subject (benefits me when I do graduate)
A good paycheck

Negatives Stockholm
Annoying age group that is difficult to handle
I don’t like Stockholm
I don’t wanna live in Stockholm
No benefit to have LAS in Stockholm
Takes one year to qualify to LAS
5000SEK in travelling cost each month
I don’t wanna live close to the school or the boarder areas
It’s just a temp job, can never give more work after the year is done
Someone else did the study plan for one year forward
Asked personal questions at the interview
Didn’t ask for references(too eager)
Don’t know the area


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