Tomorrow it’s time to do sharity work for me and the kid. The kid gets off school at 11.00. So I go… ironically enough to my old address, right next to a church… haha. I used to live right next to that church before we moved into this attached house, before the kid even existed on this planet. Well. Anyway. I have never been inside that church, even though I lived there from that year I moved to the Stockholm area. It is a really good location. Next to train, subway, busses, stores and everything. We had four rooms and a kitchen condoue. I didn’t like my neighbours. They where menaces. So we moved away.

Anyway. Tomorrow it’s time to buy five beggars some food packages. It will be vegetables and Pasta as usual, perhaps some meat. The kid hands them over. We go to the stores around our living area. The kid may never forget about the poor. The kid is very spoiled. Today it got Noa Noa clothes. Two outfits. Nice clothes. It’s going to wear one outfit in church tomorrow.

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