Interviews and work

I have gotten three interviews. Only one job has been offered. Only two jobs are interesting, they work with reality, the third one conflicts with my other interests, therefore that part-time job is not interesting. I have classes I have to attend and it is just a one day job and it is exactly that day I need to get off work in the afternoon to attend classes in the evening. Well. Since it is just a one-day-job nobody cares if I say no. But I haven’t been offered the job anyway. I only have been offered a full-time job. The third job is part-time, but two days a week. That is a interesting job, since I don’t have to work in another town. But they won’t be able to offer it until January, so that is a little too late to even be considered if they do offer that job. I got a question about a full-time job close enough to live at home. But if they are quick enough? Let’s see. They could call tomorrow. I am free to go there anytime since I am free from work.

I have applied for apartments again. Hopefully I get an apartment quick, then the full-time job doesn’t feel so bad anymore. I don’t wanna live at my siblings anymore. I wanna live in the city core. I want an apartment now, because going by train means early mornings. I don’t like early mornings. My dreamjob would start at 9 and end at 15 and be four days a week and give me full pay. Haha. Guess that hasn’t happend yet…

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