My sibling asked what school I was going to work at. Then after that it said, don’t tell ’em I am your sibling. The highest boss there doesn’t like my sibling. So I guess I won’t tell noone about even having a sibling at this workplace then… It would be a negative thing for me to be siblings with my sibling if I tell ’em. So… I guess there is a bad boss there too… but I haven’t met any other boss and that one it is not the boss that doesn’t like my sibling. But my sibling said they too have two rectors/principals. Fuck. Are there only bad people all over the world? This rector that I met was honest, direct and did a perfect interview. It said all the things right. Didn’t ask personal questions. It was professional. It also said it is just a temp job and that they are gonna hire a authorised teacher in the fall. They don’t lie. They say it open and honest from the beginning. I like that.

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