I’m going home now. I have lectures today. After that nothing binds me to my hometown for a while. I am going home for Christmas and New Years. I am gonna study. I have a lot of exams to do. I am not totally set up for it, but I have no choice. I have to find lust somewhere, or just do it anyway. Right now I am hungry and my food is finished, so I need to take my ass to the store. I am really not up for it. I was awakend in the morning on my first sleep in day… 8.05 the phone rang. Now IT-support calls me. I just said I no longer work there… Haha. Bugs. Well anyway. I then woke up, ate breakfast, took a shower and dressed. Then I surfed the Internet and went back to sleep. Am I supposed to go out to the freezing cold? Yes, I need food. I don’t want to eat sandwishes… since those make you gain weight. So now I am unemployed, but paid til Friday. Then a unpaid student with a lot of exams due in January. Then a new job? And nowhere to live… Interesting. My next problem. If my former employer had told me earlier… I would have had a job before this one ended, but they choose the bad employer deal. Idiots. Morons.

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