Bad employers

I had work in a school with 2 principals/rectors. It wasn’t any better to have 2, one still rules anyway. It was a bad boss in many ways and good in other ways. He was bad when it came to grades. I wanted to give fair grades, that the student had earned, no “happy” grades. I didn’t, but the rector said things insinuating I should. I didn’t. I know at least 1-7 kids in each class didn’t pass my classes. I couldn’t grade air. The student must put in some effort, even though shitty, but still it has to put in the work. If you don’t do anything and hand in nothing I simply cannot grade you. Especially since you haven’t covered Skolverkets knowledge goals earlier years. Then it isn’t covered and there is no fairness in grading you. Anyways. The boss made many mistakes. It didn’t tell me in advance that they put out an ad. They accepted that I wanted to be free, but they fooled me in another way. They got me working one more week. I didn’t want to do the grading since the rector said things about the grading, trying to get me to be “kind”. I did it according to the law, not as the rector wanted me too. Well. They fooled me by not telling me why they accepted only one week off… they had already hired the new teacher. I happend to bump into him because he was gonna have my eight graders. I went to my classroom a final time today. I took photo’s to remember the set up I did. I told him how I have structured it. I think he was happy. He also liked structure. He is authorised, which I am not. I lack one exam. The school didn’t tell me they already hired and that he started today. Very strange, why didn’t they just tell me? Why all this secracy all the time? I don’t like this silence and hiding behind my back. I like openess in bosses work. These things make my former boss bad. I don’t like these bosses. Promises given, then silently changing the rules behind my back. Better to not pretend. Better to be honest, yet they failed. They also tried to make me brake rules, which I didn’t, because I am all about being fair. I don’t like these type of bosses. I also didn’t believe in his praise, since if they liked my work, they wouldn’t treat me this way. So I think all he ever said was bullshit. But I don’t care. He and the school can fuck ’em self for eternity. I just hope they never interfere in my life again and that they stay away as far as fucking possible. I don’t want anything to do with that school. They had bad leadership, yet those have rector jobs. Liers. When I had my knee protection on me, they like got “scared”. I had to have it on for a month because I carried a lot of stuff and something broke in my knee. Well. I saw these things in the bosses eye. I was never on sickleave. I never got reported for anything, that means no kids felt I did a bad job. I however did make 3 reports on incidents in school. Many others make one each week. I only did that on the serious events, nothing else. I graded all kids. I thought them a lot this semester and these kids have an advantage in life now. They got something they would never get in any other school in that city. I don’t think the kids next semester will either, since they now have a new teacher. I won’t have this old kids next semester. I won’t even give them computers or anything else either. They will only use traditional methods. They are younger, more eager to learn. They are different. More moldable. I am more used to this age group. I worked a lot with kids in this age. I haven’t had this subject. I will have my subject from the fall one day per week. The new subject is four days a week. I have my own classroom. I have my own office there too. I will not be authorised in this subject when I get my teachers license. I have to study at “Lärarlyftet” to get that. I did apply in the fall and I could have studied it if the employer had granted it, but they didn’t. The other employer did. This is sad. I could have had this subject. I have to reapply, but I still need a employer to approve it during the fall next year. This job I only have til summer. There are no promises to continue. This is just a temporary job. I have no job after June. This is not my subject either, so even if I have a teacher’s license til the summer… I won’t be authorised in this subject. This just gives me experience in this subject. I did do two practise periods in the subject. It was because my subject wasn’t available each day during my practise period and this is close enough. So I still know the subject, even though I haven’t studied half of it. I have education in half of it. I have also had the subject once myself in school. I have also done it as an adult pretty much. Well. It will be fine. But I cannot get a permanent job within this. That is all. It is impossible right now, since I don’t have either license or education in it.

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