7 day week over soon

In a few hours my 7 day week is over. I have worked 100% and studied 3 of the days. I’ve also made an interview and filmed. I have set a lot of grades. 280 students have now been graded. On Monday I will approve the grades and sign them. Hmm… I am also gonna try out a work place in another school during the morning hours. It is the third step in the recruitment process. First they had an interview, then called the references, then you have to try out and work with colleagues a couple of hours, so they get to see who you are. I think it is a fair recruitment process. The employer is the same city, so since I am already paid by the other school I don’t need additional salary to that. On Friday is my final day with payment from my current position. So I wanna find a spring term assignment, so I am covered during my studies considering income. The summer is problematic. I won’t get any money during the summer, since I am still a student til September next year. I don’t feel like working during the summer, so I have to save money. Perhaps I will enlist from my studies in June. I haven’t decided yet. I have almost finished then. If I enlist then I get a-kassa during the summer. During the summer there is no summer work I can do, my body is to shitty for health care. Soon  it is Christmas, my friend and its daughter wants to join us. I have said they can if they really want. We’ll see about that. My other friend might come for New Years. We’ll see about that too. It is great to have some days off during the holidays.

During this fall the kids have produced more than 150 films. I am satisfied. Some kids did amazing work. I am truly glad for the creativeness they have shown. It compensates a lot of all the bad. The end result.


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