Bad ripples by DJ’s of this world – poem

You are stupid music DJ,

You don’t see your bad impact on the world,

You glamourize unequality between genders,

You make women more nude than man,

You give the man the pants in the family,

You glamourize drugs,

You make songs with drugs,

You make videos with drugs,

You make social media images with drugs,

Yet you don’t see your own bad impact on the world,

You just see yourself as a small piece in the midst,

You don’t see your ripples,

You say there are others to blame,

But small stupid DJ,

I care about what you do, since you create big ripples,

that reflect even up on my work,

when more parents turn into addicts,

because pussels like you ignore your own impact on the world,

when more kids like sexist ways,

when more kids do drugs,

when more kids use bad language,

when more kids ignore school,

all those are your ripples,

you and other idols,

how am I gonna give hope, when you tear hope down,

how am I gonna teach when they don’t wanna be thought,

when they all think skipping school leads to fame and fortune?

Don’t you see you ripples in the world,

help me fight the ripples of artists and DJ’s that create bad ripples out there in the world,

instead of creating the bad seeds,

help me create the good seeds,

make music with no drugs,

make non sexist videos,

make non bias statements,

be on my side,

don’t promote drugs nomore,

help parents to be drugfree,

help kids to be drugfree,

help kids to use a nice language towards others,

be a role model to count on,

help to turn this world around,

the world is going to self destruct…. as it is now… humanity is failing,

every test humanity is failing…

one day there is no humanity anymore…

wanna change it?

work with me, against the bad ripples in this world…

help me create the good ripples… even you with flauss can help,

since we all have flauss… some just more than others… with more bad ripples than others…. but you have the power to turn this around… be strong with me… help me change the world, start with changing yourself.

Written by Living Forum, don’t quote, steal or borrow any parts of my text. Thanks. Copyright belongs to


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