Film analysis

I have presented my film analysis at the university this week. It went just fine. I saw one of my classmates falling a sleep, no wonder. It was a long day. For me it started 8 o’clock and ended at 21.00. I worked all day and had lectures directly after. It was a long day.

I have studies all weekend. I have done my film project. Semi done, because I need to cut it and edit it, put in sound effects and shit. I have to do it at the university, they have the right software and better computers. I don’t wanna do it on Adobe Premiere Elements. It crashes on my computer. So I haven’t installed it. So I will have to do it at the university.

I am going to work at another work place on Monday. I am off work with pay one week. I have the university on Tuesday. After that I plan to go home to Stockholm. I am doing a test run at the other place, because it is a two tutor system and you need to function with the other teacher. So I’ll try it all morning. In the afternoon I am going to my regular work place. I am gonna return keys, computer and so. I also have to sign all the grades for nine classes and 280 students. After Tuesday I am off work and the 23rd I am unemployed again. Just a student 200%. I will temp per hour, if I don’t get a full-time assignment til summer. We’ll see what happens.