Tea and fruits

My hunger savior. Tea and fruit. An orange and a cup of tea. Its so cold in my parents house, my own house is really warm. I like warmth. According to science you dream less night mares in warmth. Well. Anyways tea warms me up in this cold house. I also have my own warm blankett and cushions with me. That makes it all better. I have a heath warmer in the bed, so I don’t freeze my ass off in my siblings old bed. My sibling wasn’t allowed to take its bed with it when it moved from home. My sibling and the stephfather are still in argument about that. They disagree whose bed it really is. I think my parents could have bought a new bed. Well, my sibling still thinks about this bed… hehe… even though it is old. I took everything with me when I moved from home and even some more stuff, like my mums coffe machine. Well, but later on I have given them my furniture, sofas, bookshelfs, dinner table and God knows what else… I get bored…and want to replace things….

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