Worn out

Tonight I had a headace. I woke up in the middle of the night…when I then fell asleep again the early risers(my parents) where awake and it was difficult to sleep, since they kept on making noise and in the end they try to talk to me… pust. So today… all I could do after I got home and took a shower was sleep. Woke up a half hour ago. I am tired. Need to make sallad for tomorrow, since I have lectures after work. I get so tired from helping the students with their final work. I have graded 75% of the juniors today. I am so worn out. They really suck my energy. I am so tired. Then a interview and no wonder I had to sleep three hours… I have had a headace now to, a little bit. Well. I am gathering strength to rise up and go to the kitchen and do some sallad… Today we had Christmas dinner at school. My second one this year.

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