I attended an interview. Only professional questions. Took references. Asked for more, I said, I don’t know what my rector says, but you can call him if you like. The rector said, no I call those that you choose. That shows me that it has respect. I really don’t like my current rector. Today we went through the grades together, as long as we had time to. I think the rector was pleased with the juniors grades. It understood how I reasoned. Afterwards it said I had done a really great job with the juniors… he also saw I didn’t believe him. He asked. I said, no I don’t belive you. He said again that he ment it. Still I don’t like this way of people being. I don’t like it. Mixed words, I don’t believe them. I think they are just afraid of critic. It said I was free next week with pay, if I did the grading this week. I will do my best.

I went to an interview. Half amount of students, full year, two teachers in class or half class. Sounds much easier. They want me to try it out. I would mix my subject with another subject, where I haven’t studied, but it was somewhat included anyway in other studies I have studied. I can try it til the summer. I am interested. Let’s see if I get it or not. Never worked with it. I worked with it in the other field… I also did my practise period in the other field. The field is devided in two. I am up for it. If I get a chance. I have no idea if I would be good, but I think I would. I wanna try it. Learn something myself.

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