Morons at the work shop

I left my car for repairs, I afterall did crash into someone some time ago. My car needed parts replaced. I left my beautiful crashed car at the work shop. I got the car, the parts where not the right color. I made a complaint. They said they would redo them. I took the car home. When I arrived in Stockholm I closed the door, one part of the door handle fell to the ground. They had obviously broken that part. Then my automatic lock on that side didn’t work. Interesting. The parts didn’t sound that great either, compared to other similar parts on the car. Fuck. I was disapointed. My car is new on the market and I am thinking this was the first time they ever got to repair this kind of car. It wasn’t such a good job. Well. Anyways. I decided it was time to call the insurance company and tell them the complete story, which I haven’t really told you in this little article. I also decided to send a letter with all the things that ain’t good with my car after the work shop visit. I also wrote I expected an reply before 16.00 hours today. I sent a copy to the insurance company as well. I said I wanted these things fixed as soon as possible. Maybe not the color, but a fully functioning car. Anyways. My partner took the phone call. I got a rental car by them and I left my car once more at the work shop. I now am driving a cock car, a fucking Mercedes family model. Well. Better than a BMW. Bigger. It feels very comfortable to drive actually and it has a lot of speed underneath the hood. Well. Anyways. Hopefully I get a fully functioning car back. It’s so strange… that I get non functioning car back… very strange. Why do all these things happen?


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