The horrible teaching experience in Sweden in a nutshell…

If I had written a letter to my school, where I have worked this autumn, it would go like this:

Hi all teachers and students,

It has been a horrible experience to work at your school.

The students have stolen things in the classroom every week, the supply of pens has decreased gradually. Used material has not been cared for, that means i.e. that pencils have lost several corks each week. Sometimes students have poured water into the pen holders for pens, so the ink pens are destroyed. The students have not respected the school materials, so that the next student has been able to enjoy and learn by using the materials. Paper has been thrown onto the floor and the many students have not cleaned up. The students have not respected that garbage can be thrown into the garbage bags, but thrown sticks from candy on the floor, snus, cans and candy papers on the floor, some have left coffee cups on the tables, everyone has not swept the paper they have gotten on the floor while working. Some students have thought that they can freely borrow materials and take them from the classroom without returning it to the next lesson. Pupils have broken materials in the classroom or sabotaged materials. Pupils have stolen someone else’s material, which I caught some of them doing.

The students have not respected teacher’s walk-throughs, which has given them the information they need to handle the data. Some students haven’t done any work at the lessons and haven’t wanted help, even though it has been offered. Extra lessons have been offered and students who needed the extra support did not use these lessons to the extent, some not at all, as they needed.

Pupils have bullied me at the lesson by calling me “stupid” and other unpleasant things. Pupils have drawn a picture of a fat person and said that it’s portrait of me, as if I would think it’s fun?

The students have lied about me, invented lies in fact and spread them at school and then not even apologized, even if they agreed that they did lie. Pupils have sexually ridiculed me and thought I’d think it was fun. Pupils have accused me that when I help children, who need extra support during the lesson, that I am racist, since they have thought that I helped the “blond-and-blue-eyed”-kids more.

The Rector handled my reported issues with arrogance for my situation as a teacher. A reputation that was not true was therefore spread in school before I learned that the truth finally had come out after the Rector finally decided to interview the parties. It was found that the rumor was false. During that time, I had sleeping problems and huge anxiety and I am afraid of the students and I don’t trust the kids anymore. I haven’t felt respected as an employee, colleague, teacher or fellow human being at the faculty or students at this school.

Being in a public space with another staff and being sexually assulted by a large group of students gathered around us was an incredibly unpleasant feeling. When I then left the scene, I finally gathered enough strength to make a report about the sexual abuse the morning after. Since I do not know the names of the students, because I am new at this school and I had difficulty seeing who it might be in the school catalog, I was faced with a bad attitude with the Rector who didn’t want to receive the report without me name of the student that was unknown to me. I had to withdraw the report til I could get names. I had to name witnesses, since those I knew the names of. The school has film cameras, but the Rector said that they could not be used to look at if I did not have the name of the person who performed the sexual assult. I had to get out of the rector’s room without him taking my report. I had to write out the names of the people who “likely” had gathered in the ring around us for the Rector to accept the report. I didn’t feel comfortable writing names I wasn’t sure of.

The Rector has repeatedly questioned why so many are failing my classes (when they fail to pass an approved grade). The thing is that it is not difficult to get approved. The ninth graders makes five small tasks, the eighth graders make three and one mini task, the seventh graders need to have done five of the autumn’s tasks in total. All tasks for the complete autumn can be done in 60 minutes (that means that full year can be done in 60 minutes), but the students have had September-November to do the tasks. The Rector has said “nobody fails your subject”. The Rector has tried to make me approve kids to do less even if they don’t have special needs.  The principal wants me to grade “air”, that means students that haven’t done anything.  That is illegal and the school would be reported to the school inspection. Students have to follow Skolverket’s goals in each subject.
I did not have access to the computer systems in a month, it was the principals fault, since the principals had not approved my account.  The school did not manage to give me access to the mail system every day until the beginning of November. Everyday I dropped out of the computer system and had to call data support, which I did not have time to do every day. I could not be reached by email, was one result of it. The students could not reach their teacher via mail. It was due to lack of routines in school administration, when I was not in the payroll system it made the system shut my account down each day when they had added me.

Google Classroom is the system the town has chosen. The kids don’t know how to use the non userfriendly system, since they have to do different steps in different parts of the system, as well as the Chromebooks they use.  I didn’t have access to Google Classroom the whole first month. Nobody had time to go through the functions. I got a really short walk through, but not enough to understand the complete system. I was left to myself. The kids It litercay was poor and they didn’t know how to use Google Classroom, no matter what grade. The school ignored the fact. I had to become the IT teacher for all grades I had. The applications available for the Chromebooks are poor and I had to find “work arounds”. Poor quality compared to Windows and Mac computers and software. Even Linux is better. Yet the school has chosen these poor quality Chromebooks. So bad systems, bad software options and no real computers. No wonder the kids won’t have IT literacy, yet they expect them to program? Interesting.
Everything is going to be stored in the cloud? Waow. Is it a safe information technology solution? Everything about your children is online, do you feel safe, best parent?

All information technology, ie data and software, has been a compromise in lower standard, we are expected to use undeveloped computer systems with the inadequate applications offered.

The first salary came on a payment card and I had to pay 150 kr at Forex to get my salary on the weekend when I was home in Stockholm, where my mail was sent. The salary was wrong and on top of that they had taxed me to high and I did not get it corrected until the month after, despite promises to get it earlier.

I did not get access to any student account so I could see how the students working environment looked, so I could plan the lessons in good time. I had to use the students’ computers to see how it looked.

The previous teacher’s (regular teacher on this position) orders had been canceled, so I had shortage of materials throughout the autumn term due to material delivery issues, which affected the teaching opportunities.

I did not get my employment contract signed before I started working, but a bit into my employment.

The Rector announced the teacher’s position for the spring term, despite promising me a full-year employment, without informing me or the regular staff on this position. The one that has this position is a permanent employee, but the ad said they offered a permanent contract. Interesting, right? The Rector also threatened me once, when I informed that many wheren’t deliviering and risked failing the classes. The Rector said: “it should not happen next term”. I guess he made sure of that…

So who thinks I will use this school as a reference? I won’t. I haven’t even worked there. You are a horrible school experience and this has been a horrible experience from start to finish. No wonder there is a teacher shortage in Sweden.

Not all horrors have been mentioned in this mail because of the confidentiality agreement in Sweden, but I think these horrible experiences are more than adequate.

The final laugh has not been laughed. Just saying.

Conclusion: I do not recommend you to become a teacher at a Swedish school. I do not recommend you to work in Sweden at all, because there are too many bad managers in Sweden and you do not know which one would be yours. All students do not have respect, even though you show them respect. Sweden has problems in the entire business community. The whole of Sweden is going downhill. More people in Sweden do suicide … just saying. Metoo campaign clearly shows that Sweden has huge problems. This adds to Sweden’s problems, which I do not think have come to daylight yet. Everything about Sweden is an illusion. Sweden is the country of “lagom” and sufficating those outside this norm is just a regular thing. Power also bullies people around in Sweden. Workers are treated bad in many places. Burst the Swedish bubble. The grass isn’t green. Sweden is a bad country. I’m a first-hand source, I am an eyewitness, and second-hand source, and I heard what other eyewitnesses have seen.