So I am keeping my food restrictions good. Haven’t eaten more than planned. Friday is my “luxury day”, that means I can have some delicious food. Today they gave us cake at school. I took a piece to my cup of tea. Now at home, I have made my own delicious snack. It is one oven baked sliced apple. I put som “kanel” (cinnemon?) and suger on them. I have total control. I can eat apples, as long as they are heated up. So this is my friday snack. Jami. Nam. Nam.

We have eaten chicken sallad as a meal today. It was really good. I am satisfied. Instead of drinking calories I have water with a lemon slice to my apple. Usually I only drink water to my meals. Well. So it’s finally Friday. Next week my two final weeks at work start. It will be great that I completed this semester. The grading must be done on Wednesday. Then that part is over. Finally. I am not going to the Christmas dinner on Friday. I have classes all evening at the university. I have analysed a film, since that was my task for that study weekend. I have already filmed my film project as well. It just needs to be cut.

Well. I am pretty tired after this week. I haven’t slept enough. Tomorrow I can sleep as long as I want. Thanks for that. I love Saturdays that are free. I need to relax. Just be. No musts or buts.

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