Stole my thesis

I took my thesis I started in the spring at another university to my current program. I didn’t have time to complete it there and I wrote a synopsis of it. I simply took it to my current program. I think I will include it in my current education. So why not? I never completed it there. So now I get a chance. But I have modified the purpose a little bit. I will make an additional interview.

I have completed the tasks I had to do. Synopsis, lunchbox and exams. Feels great. I have a lot of exams to do. I will do them when I am unemployed, starting the day before Christmas. I have time to do them then. But this exam I had to hand in now. I have read a lot and attended two online seminars in that class, even though I already took the classroom version last year. Well. Now I’ve done it. Feels great. I am so tired. Cooked a veggie lunchbox, no meat. I am not found of meat, but allergic to soy, therefor being totally vegetarian isn’t the easiest.

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