I was tired today, no wonder. I have had exams on top of my studies full-time this week… late nights… early mornings… and errands… and swimming school for the kid. Buying food. I am so tired. I fall asleep at lectures… and in front of the computer at home. Amazing. I still have two things to do, before I call it the day. I need to ad some to my exams. I also need to make lunch for tomorrow. I am so tired. I really have no energy left. I had to do it all today… tired as I am…

Next week I am off on my final two weeks in my hometown. Guess they already hired someone for the spring. I don’t care. They didn’t have good bosses. I give my bosses failed. They didn’t have respect for me as an person, nor as an teacher. I spoke to my class mate, that used to be a professor at a University and a scientist at FOI, now a high school teacher… and it said I should tell my boss I only try to make my job so that the school doesn’t get remarks from the school inspection, if it wants me to give passing grades to students that deserve a non passing grade… I guess I will say that, if it comes to that when we go through the grades next week.

At school we’ve been drawing children’s stuff, so we can do it with the kids. We have tried new techniques. I get inspiration, but I do it for the first time and I am not that awesome, but at least I do it. Some of my class mates have gone to art schools, I really haven’t the same education as them. They focused on art for many years, which I really haven’t. I only have 2 years of art studies, they have 3-5 years, or maybe even more sometimes? I don’t compare. Some have no art education, since they have different majors, they also do the exercises.

I have kept my food restrictions yesterday and today. It’s fine. I haven’t been hungry.



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