Big nature fire in LA

Well, the other day I wrote I had over 200 000 views on my Google Maps images… actually it is almost 230 000… which is the amount of people affected by the fire in LA. Weird coinscidence right? I commented it before the LA nature fire outbreak. I also had a premonition with two predictions one night this week, before the fire started. BIG was one of them, well, the fire is big, isn’t it? It is driven by Santa Ana winds, according to the Wired, interesting coinscience, since my hometown isn’t that far away from the Swedish Santa Ana. I don’t know about my other clues. But baby was one the clues I tweeted before this event. Santa Ana means saint little girl. So perhaps that could be close enough to a baby? Even though little far fetched. But it is strange that all these patterns are so clear. I don’t know if the LA nature fire was my prediction or not. I just see the similarities, but I don’t have enough facts about it, to connect the prediction to it yet. Magical predictions, or is this just how we design the world, like invisible laws, what you do, ends up there and what I do ends up here and there… what if? Predictions… in what we write… online… what if you design the world together with us others? Have you ever thought the thought? Would you care more? I wrote my prediction on Twitter the 3rd of December, but I dream it the 2nd of December. It happend on Monday, the day after.


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