I am pretty disapointed. Last time I checked I wasn’t allergic to soy anymore. At least that is what the screening said. But the doctor said that I wasn’t allowed to eat soy without doing a provocation at the hospital. So I haven’t eaten any soy, thinking I am not allergic. I never got the call for making a provocation. I recently learned that was because the blood test said I was severely allergic to soy. So the screening gave a false answer. The hospital didn’t want to do a soy provocation because I am still allergic to soy. So how sad. Wondering how many false screen tests I have?

My lung capacity is 26% worse than 10 years ago. How fun to learn that. But the same as last year. I asked if weight loss could help. For my other diagnosis the doctor has said weight loss will improve it. Well, the diagnosis stands, but maybe it can help to loose weight. I need to loose weight. I was on tripple numbers and ad some. Fuck I am heavy. I need to go down. So now I restrict my intake. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Then tea every now and then. Well. See how that goes before I am severely hungry. It is a problem to be allergic to so many foods and loose weight and not be hungry. Also one of my diagnosis gives obesity and my DNA has another genetic that also ads to obesity. So I have two conditions that give obesity. It had been nice if I wasn’t so allergic to fruits… then I could have eaten fruit. I am allergic to nuts, soy, almond… then a lot of more stuff, like trees, grass, animals… etcetera. I think I am allergic to myself also… because I get an itch if I don’t take my med’s for a few days. I need to take the med’s because if I don’t there is a possibility my lung capacity might get even worse… how fun to hear that. Got a new medicin, the doctor replaced the other one that I didn’t think had any affect what so ever.

So I am fat. Not really news to me, but I was even fatter than I thought. Hmm… well, no more snacks on Fridays. More lettuce and other sallads, which I actually already eat a lot. Hmm…

Well. I have a free card for half a year now. That means free doctor’s and physio therapeuts and training for a half year! Well. Might be handy since I am unemployed soon enough. Then I am just a full-time student. Working an hour here and there? I have no idea. Haven’t gotten any job yet. I have recorded a documentary, that needs to be cut. Maybe I’ll work on that.

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