I learned that my lecturer is doing its doctors degree in my cousins university, where it used to work. Interesting. I tried to keep awake, but today I and fellow students have kept our eyes closed sometimes. We’ve been tired… I’m guessing.
Many of us have the same issue… we arrive to late for class in the morning. I am like optimistic about arriving on time… when it isn’t that far from home.. yet I failed today. I come when the time is right, but then I have to go to the kitchen, hand in my lunch box, do an errand before I really can go in to class. I am a couple of minutes to late… happens sometimes. Especially when I need a parking permit. Hopefully I arrive better tomorrow. Well. I’ve been doing some homework and I have two things to do on top of my classes this week. I am so tired. All I really want is to sleep when I arrive home. Last week wore me out. I was insane taking on a school this big for my first assignment. Only teacher in my subject, 480 kids, of which I had 280 kids this year, they had to do a full-year in only half a year. Amazing. No wonder I am tired after starting grading them and helping them to wrap their final projects up. They have been consuming my energy. I even had pneumonia a couple of weeks ago. To many kids, too much people, need a smaller school. Full-time, but less kids, less classes… yeah. I think this work was a heavy work-load. So now I am just tired.

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