Private school

My kid goes to a private school… if you think school is free in Sweden, well think again. We have to clean our kids classroom twice a year. We also have to make stuff to the Christmas fair. We have to make lunch bag for the kids at least one time per month… We have to work at the Christmas fair. The kid needs to dress up a couple of times per year. This is not free. It consumes time and money, depending on what task. Well. Do you think I wanna make 30 pieces of gifts? Home maid? Fuck no. I went to the store and bought 30 gifts that look home made. I bought my self time, but lost money. The school is not free… but the gifts are wrapped up and task is done. I wasn’t gonna make 30 gifts… I don’t want to. It consumes to much time. I have no lust. I just want the kid to go to school. I don’t want to have to do anything. Just like a normal school. Why do I have to do things? I want to be involved as little as possible. I really don’t want to be involved at all. Just leave and get the kid from school, with no social interaction with anyone but the kid. All these musts…. private school. I am so tired of all these things, all these must do’s. I already have to little time to live. I don’t want anything else added on.

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