200% studies is on

200% studies hasn’t changed. I am still a student 200%, I just worked 100% on top of that. But on paper, I rather not say I worked, since I don’t think I was liked. So I try to use the work experience in some applications, but in most of them I delete this autumn work. That means I don’t tell a future employer I ever worked there. It has been a terrible experience and I saw a piece of students that I rather had not. I made them the easiest project, still some have failed to deliver. Some haven’t even tried. They just sat off classes or skipped them. I haven’t seen this lazyness before. I have worked a long time and not even as a day-to-day-temp I saw this ineffectiveness in kids. Some have given up being alive somehow. Some kids have given up, even though they only have to make a little to pass. The E is very easy to get. Yet, some don’t even try to make the minimum, which is easy. I am very helpful. But yet they don’t put in effort. It is as if the kids want me to give ’em E, even though they delivered only air… how am I supposed to grade air? I don’t know. Well. I dreamed about work tonight. I don’t know what I was doing, perhaps I was grading kids. Pust. Well. Soon I have completed this autumn. I don’t have to work more, since my project assignment is completed. Nobody has asked me if I want to have an employment for spring. If they where interested they would have asked, they didn’t so that gives me the signal that they are hoping for a better one. I have been a good teacher, but still kids are not delivering. I will leave this work behind me and I won’t bother about it anymore. It is not worth my time. It’s the problem for the next teacher in line. I am still a student. My studies continue in 150% pace though, a little less than during this autumn. I will have to travel to my hometown three times a month, one weekend and 2 days in total each month. It’s alright. It’s cheap to take the train. I will work in my old job. It will be alright. I feel safer there, than for any other employer. But I am still a student. Until September next year. Nobody can hire a semi done teacher for a permanent position, that hasn’t yet graduated, so studies is on til I graduate.

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