I’m soon going home, for nine days. Feels great. I have studies all week. I hope I’ll go with my own car. I hope it is ready to ship home tomorrow. I really don’t like driving a small automatic BMW that looks all dirty in this Swedish climate. On top of it, it is diesel. I would never buy a diesel, a car this small for me, this color or an automatic as first choice. Hmmm…. not my dream car. Priority number one is that I can sit in the car in comfort, I really cannot.

My partner probably longs for its partner. It has been working at home all week, since my partner has been in surgery recently. I was worried for a while. I always get nervous if a loved one has to undergo surgery. Since I have participated during anesthetics given I know that some people flat-line when they get the anesthetics. Then you have to revive the patient. You don’t know who will flat-line, that is a risk anyone that has to sleep during surgery takes. My partner said it was very strange to get anesthetics. It was as if it went to sleep and then dreamed and woke up. It said it didn’t feel like more than 10 minutes, but it took a few hours… its because you go to such a deep sleep. You loose time. Well, I am happy my partner is out of surgery and at home working.

Next week is my study week.

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