Love benefit

Being away in the weeks has resulted in better relationship to both kid and partner. Better sex and more passion in bed. A partner that appriciates you more. I am glad I have my partner. We’ve known each other for such a long time. I don’t know where I start and my partner  begins. We’ve been a couple for such a long time. It is comfortable to have a partner for life. When you get married a marriage has its ups and downs. Let it have that. Ride ’em through. Some rocky periods last for years, but when you both ride ’em through your relation changes and grows. Being together with someone for a long period creates a different kind of relationship. I am over 40, so is my partner too. It is hard for us to break apart when we’ve known each other for such a long time. You become best friends after a while. You can finally do anything you want in a long relationship. A real partner understands. This is why I recommend you to stay married through the rocky periods too. But of course, not a destructive relationship. But partners are not perfect and we are perfect with all our flauss in the end. Nobody is without flauss.You have to figure out if you can live with the flauss. I can both like, love and hate my partner in periods. It is normal. Do that. Ride ’em through. Many people of today give up to easy. I don’t give up that easy. I am married. I have a partner. We have pets. We have a kid. We have a house. We have cars. We are a family. There are many different ways to have a family. There is no right and wrong way to be a family if you are all in to it. As long as you want it that way, let it be. Life is to short to regret, live it while you’re here. I cannot imagine starting all over with someone new. I would be like old and retired before I would know the person the way I know my partner. That is a long time and I am not willing to do it all over again. But some have to do it. I don’t admire starting over. My friends have done it. It is difficult. What a task. Being all alone… staying that way or finding a new. None really appeal to me. I don’t like people and getting to know new people in the way I know my partner. Doesn’t appeal to me. It is so much easier to be with a person you don’t have to be someone else with. New people usually cannot accept other’s just like that… it takes time… and time is short. We only have this one life as us. Here and now. Live it.

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