I am reading about my diagnosis. One of them is certainly because of my accident last year. But the reasons for it is another genetic disorder. Started reading about this syndome and it goes into another syndrome. I have at least 60% of the problems they are listing that those people can have. Pain, body parts rotating when I fall, arms and legs falling a sleep many times/week, svullen stomic area and tired, peeing my pants when I cough… and so on. Yeah. Explains a lot. But cronic, genetic condition… hmmm… What am I to do with all this information? Physio therapy… start swimming (yeah right, won’t happen any time soon), not walk in stairs… since that obviously, according to the doctor and sites online, is bad for me and makes the first condition worse… no biking.. (walking is ok? very strange…)… well, running doesn’t work because of the other diagnosis, neither does skiing, skating… so am I a permanent invalid? I guess I am, at least if I am supposed to go up and down the stairs, skate, ski, run and bike??? At least go up and down the stairs and bike I can do… but not allowed. Yeah. Funtastic. Hilarious in fact. Then the fucking asthma. Allergies. Why did my mum choose such a bad gene pool as my dad? The combination of them was obviously shitty as shitty as it can be… then PCO-s makes me fat when even looking at food (;O))… and infertile. And then the scoliosis added to all that. Ok. How fun. I was born this way. Jaha. What am I supposed to do with all this information? I don’t know… I won’t tell any employer I am not allowed to walk the stairs… fuck. But I might tell Arbetsförmedlingen, when I don’t have a job.

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