Task done

This week I had some tasks for my studies to do. A proposal, a pilot and a report. I’ve done ’em all. I was also supposed to do a review on a film. I did that, but the teacher pushed it to the next time we meet. I have prepared, but my teacher wants me to find facts about the movie maker. I haven’t tried that yet. I will do it before the next time we meet. Next in pipeline is drama class. Then it is my other program that I attend. I need to write a report to that. I think I need to do some reading too, but perhaps I have a home exam before that? I am thinking I might have three home exams coming up. Hope they don’t collide. I’ve got all the books. That is a benefit.

I study 200% that means I cross out my employer from my CV. I haven’t even been working this fall. How would it even have been possible to work 100%? Well, if you are like me, everything you set your heart to you can do. But when your heart is not in to it and you don’t wanna, then nothing gets done… my work situation is a little bit like that right now. I think my employer is bad, so I really don’t wanna be there anymore… I am tired of bad employers. Had enough of those over the years. My life is to valuable to waste on bad employers anymore.

Haven’t even gotten an appology from anyone. Why should I even be there? If they make up lies like that, they obviously don’t want me there and I don’t wanna be there with them anymore. And bosses go behind my back, instead of just saying it as it is. I am in the wrong place. This is the wrong place for me.

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