I have written my proposal at the university. It has been handed in. I got feedback. I will add stuff. I created a pilot. The other students understood my production. Well, now I have home exams to write for my other class, the one I need for my teacher’s education. Need to be handed in on Tuesday, I need to do it today, after classes. I’m tired. Interesting to see where I will find the energy to it. Perhaps I’ll sleep first and then do it. I really don’t have energy to do it. I’ve been busy all days of the week. I am still in recovery from the pneumonia. I still got a cough and slime. It takes time to recover. I really don’t feel like working any more. I have no lust what so ever. I am sensitive, especially to lies. I hate people that lie. I don’t want to meet people that lie in my line of work. Many Swedes lie. They often go behind your back. Talk shit about you behind your back. People forget that behind every character is a person, a human being. But in Sweden people are pretty good in forgetting that people are real, not fiction. It is as if they dehumanised people somehow, how else can you do it? In conflicts its common to dehumanise people, that makes people able to treat them inhumane. Conlicts are complicated, not all the conflicts can be solved, but they can be handled. I’m so tired… I wanna go and sleep. My lack of sleep this week is due to mean students that lie. I’m so tired of having lying students. I don’t wanna suffer because other people are out of order, defect somehow. They need help. I’m no phycologist. It is not my job to solve the students personal issues. I don’t even wanna know. I’m there to teach, nothing else. If I was a phycologist, I’d have a different education. I have no such education and no interest in knowing your personal issues, keep ’em to your friends, parents or councelour. I just want to teach my subject, nothing else.

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