All the misstakes my employer has done

Well. Next week, am I supposed to work??? I fucking don’t feel like going there anymore. Bosses make to many mistakes. I think I am tired of those. Here are some of the misstakes they done in a couple of months.

  1. I didn’t get access to the computer system for a month. IT said the problem was that my bosses forgot to sign the checkmark in the IT system.
  2. I fell out of the e-mail system everyday til the beginning of November, which ment mails sent to me, never reached the destination. Bad goodwill to me, since students couldn’t reach me.
  3. The other teacher’s orders where ignored(the one I am a temp for), so I didn’t have enough stuff for classes for two months. I still haven’t gotten all the things… and it is almost December.
  4. I was expected to use Google Classroom for all my work, but the students don’t know how to use it. The system has bad usability. It gives me bad goodwill. I still used it, then when the students started complaining the boss didn’t want me to use it anymore, but then I already had thought the students how to do it.
  5. When students made up lies of things I never did, then I did a report and my boss took four days to handle it. I suffered rumors and lies because four days was to long time, my boss should have done it the same day it got the report. I was cleared. Good thing someone told the truth.
  6. My boss promised I would have another adult in the room with a rebellious class. But I only had support for 20 minutes out of 100 minutes.
  7. My boss placed an ad for my temp job without telling me, or the regular staff that I am a temp for that they did. They also wrote “Permanent” position in the ad, even though the regular person is only on leave of absence.
  8. My boss promised me one year of temp job, but only gave me this fall. I rented an apartment that I had to anull because of that. That means I cannot work on the job in the spring, since I have nowhere to live, even if they get no authorised teacher for the job ad. I might even be athorised myself by then… but the boss never asked.
  9. I got the wrong salary on my first paycheck, I had to wait until next salary before they made it right.
  10. The students can upload stuff on Google Classroom in the teacher’s space. Don’t even ask how it is possible, since I never gotten any education on the system.
  11. I didn’t get my contract until it was time to start working. That means not right after the interview and job offer. They didn’t sign the contract when they sent it to me. I had to sign both copies. I still haven’t gotten it back, it was not in the folder I got, that I thought it was. I didn’t check until this week. Since the adminstrator said, I put in your mailbox. In the mailbox was this folder. I didn’t check.
  12. They only clean my classroom every second day, that means they clean like this in two weeks: Tuesday, Thursday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Since it is an art room… it gets pretty messy. I am a well paid cleaner… amazing what waste of money…
  13. The boss doesn’t accept a Event report when we don’t know the name of the student that did i.e. a sexual assult. Even though we have camera surveillance… amazing, right? We are not allowed to look at camera surveillance if we don’t know the kids name… the boss said. Amazing. So if a outsider decides to kill someone the boss will say the same to the police? So sexual assult is left unattended it my school. Interesting. Idiot boss.

Well. Amazing right? City employer, financed by tax payers money.

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