Being very good is not good enough

Being a kind and good teacher. Always being proper, trying to do good. Still there are students that lie, try to frame you for things you never did. Good thing other’s speak truth and help you out as a teacher. But for the boss not handling the lies within the same day as the teacher’s report reaches the table makes the teacher suffer more than necessary. Then add, that after the students lies the teacher’s position is online the day after and the day after that the teacher also learns it from other collegues in the city. Then when the principal has found out that the students just lied, then it says it at the end of the week. Then the teacher suffered all week. Sleepless nights and anxiety for things the teacher never did or ever will do. The damage is done. The principal put out an ad behind the teacher’s back, instead of saying it first, then putting out the ad. It is like placing things behind someones back. Also handling a case that could be serious for the teacher should be handled fast, so the teacher can be let go of false rumors that bad kids invent. So the principal did everything wrong. Both happened at the same time. This means that the teacher no longer wants to continue in the spring. The principal never wanted the teacher to say no to the spring, since it seemed happy with the teacher, but how the principal handled it and how the teacher didn’t get support until everything was over, was a terrible experience for the teacher. It’s too late to appologise now as a principal. The principal already did the damage and looses a good teacher. It doesn’t matter that the principal says it needs to ad the position because of rules, since they fucking promised a year. The teacher that I temp for thought I was going to be there the whole year. Fuck off, the teacher now thinks. So fuck all appoligies, it is too late. Nobody in the world should have to go through that. It is a turtoure of the teacher. Kids that lie are dangerous for society and they need help.

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