Behind my back

The employer has announced my job behind my back on the internal and external city site. I got the information from the network group within my subject. They didn’t know I didn’t know. Well, the bosses are assholes. They should communicate. They didn’t. I will tell them goodbye with the union now. I will activate the union card. I have already called the union. This is not the first time a job I had was announced behind my back… I guess I cannot be in a work place and nobody thinks I am worth the truth. Nobody around me seems honest. People always lie and are mean. The shit of Sweden just keeps on pouring. I hope karma gets them. Honesty should win. What’s the problem with people? Why can they not just tell the truth? There is something wrong with Sweden. A city employer uses same bullshit methods as private employers. They have no remorse and they are not honest and true. It’s amazing, they should have told me, so I didn’t rent an apartment, now I have to annul the apartment tomorrow. I will go back to my old employer… where I feel safe.

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