I just coughed. In the cough there was a black thread. I must have breath in a black thread. I have a clue when… hmmm. I had an accident one week before all this happened. The parts flew an I breathed in and swallowed. I thought I swallowed the parts and never did I think I got one in the lung. So was this what irritated me and made me cough like an idiot? When it came up, it was as a relief. As it finally said, we finally managed to get the intruder out. It couldn’t do it without the penicillin. It was a strange cough, since I never had a cold. It was only my lungs. Shit. Now my lungs have calmed down a lot. Why did both lungs get slimy when the thread was in one lung? Is that how the body works? Now I know why the older doctor sent me to x-ray. She must have thought I had something irritating in the thorax. She was right. But the x-ray couldn’t show the thread? Maybe it could hide and it could bend? Amazing.  Couldn’t get it up itself. So this was the infection? Thank God I got it up. Now all cells need to repair and heal. If you only knew what a chest irritation feels like. Suddenly the irritation is gone… and you feel just better. Coughing less…. getting much better.

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