2 weeks of sickness

After three doctor’s appointments I was finally so sick I puked and coughed and was feverish at the doctor’s office… I coughed blood. Haven’t been able to sleep a complete night either… No need to prove anything anymore. Also enormous pain in my lungs for 2 weeks. But did the other’s take me seriously? Well, the first one did, I also got x-ray and breathing into a ventilator. That helped, but I need that at home too. Which I haven’t. So I went here in Stockholm during the weekend, didn’t get any help since my blood work didn’t say I had an infection. Didn’t even get to breath. Fuck what an idiot doctor. He said cortisone don’t help when allergic. Idiot. He is no allergy doctor. I finally went to the Vårdcentral. That doctor saw how sick I was. I wouldn’t have to be this sick if the first doctor had given me penicillin. Now I was coughing blood and my lungs have hurt 2 weeks, even though I was on cortisone. Finally I got penicillin and my body responded immediately. I am coughing less. My fever has gone done. My lungs don’t hurt that much anymore. Imagine three doctor’s appointments to get the help you need. I got another appointment at the specialist clinic for asthmatic today, but I am to sick to travel. So I have unbooked it. Not to good, since I need them really bad. I need to have a list on all my medicines from them, so the other doctor’s don’t give me bullshit answers when I want my cortisone, which the one doctor did and didn’t want to prolong. I don’t want these idiot doctors wasting my money and time. Why do I always have to fight for my rights to the right health care? Sweden is a bad country.

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