Romantic dinners

We are child free. I am work free. I have autumn holidays from my work. I have been painting, cleaning and cooking. Shopping food and pimping the premises. Well. Improving. I am now waiting for my partner to come home. I need chili sauce, since I ran out of that and the store didn’t have it where I was. So my partner is bringing it. Then I can complete today’s dinner. I have made three nice dinners. Really good food. My partner has been very impressed and spoiled this week.

I have cleaned some of my windows today, mold was growing inside one… not to nice. Fixed now though. Now the pets have a better view to the outside.

I have put on some piano music for today. Haven’t had that the other two days. I don’t do these things when the kid is home.  The kid steals all the energy so I have no energy left for these things during the weekdays. But I can understand people who do these things every day. It is wonderful if you have time to do it. We eat dinner with the kid, but not the romantic ones… perhaps on new year’s eve. We do go out and eat together though, but not that much at home, like this. Nice dinner setting, candle lights, music and such…

We don’t serve alcohol. Just so you know.

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