To do

Well. I’ve been cleaning the house the whole weekend, so did the rest of the family too. But we did manage to visit friends too. We ate dinner and where at the archipelargo. It was real nice.

Otherwise it is been fixing up the house weekend. One floor has gotten more maintenance than when you do regular cleaning. I have reorganised parts of my wardrobe and thrown away old junk. It feels great. I have also organised the hobby cabinet that the partner and kid had managed to mess up. Now it is organised again. Well. I’ve been busy.

The car has now had its service. Feels great. Tomorrow the painter comes. Then we have a repair man in the pipeline too. Gonna fix something that has been broken for some months now and really bother’s me. Well. The to do lists are being done.

Now my back and ribs hurt. They didn’t like me cleaning for three days in a row.

Since I work as a teacher we have autumn holidays right now. Paid vacation days really. I will have one week off work, going to school later on. I will then have Christmas holidays  that start before Christmas. Feels great getting paid and having free time. Didn’t really have that luxury as a hourly temp.

Last week I had a great week. I didn’t have the class that I don’t like, because the school had other actitivties planned, that means I had my dream week. Perfect in every way. Liked being at work this passed week. Now I am free. That also feels great. Next week its back to buisness again.

Well. I have gotten offers on four apartments and said yes to ’em all in my hometown. Hoping I get one. It is a little bit annoying that I haven’t gotten one yet. Paid the rent to my sibling until 1 of December, since I don’t think I’ll get any before. But I hope I then will have one, so I have my freedom to be on my own.

Well. I have been shopping for me, the car, the home and the kid, even the partner and my sibling. Birthday’s and Christmas presents have been on the list’s of shopping as well. I bought 5 presents so far. Feels great. I bought food. I know that is a appriciated gift for Christmas.

Well. I have bought books also, for some of my classes, because I don’t have time to borrow from the library. I bought a lot of books for two of my classes. I have to buy for my third as well. The fourth class I don’t need to buy too. The program I attend I already have the books I need. I am now attending a class that I lack from my exam, but as a freestanding class. The books are the same and the content as well. If my university doesn’t grant me to replace my class with this one… then I will apply for VAL with the help of a future employer. That way I will get my exams without my university having to agree. Then they can just fuck ’em selves. That is the plan. So this class is on and the books have been ordered. I will do the class with home exam. Feels good. We are around ~118 students attending the online classes. I have already attended all these classes, but I have to redo it all, since I don’t study the program version. I don’t mind.

Well. So this is it for now. Have  great day!

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