Science research

I do science on my school kids. I am watching how I interact with whiteboard, blackboard and smartboard and how my teaching affects the classroom when I use them. Interesting. I think blackboard is the best. I like seeing what happens in the classroom. I do so called action research to see what happens with my teaching methods concerning tools I use. I experiment with myself.

Well. I have had bad asthma for six days now. Tomorrow I will investigate why. It hasn’t been a great breathing week really. I have managed. But today I didn’t have time to stay and breathe at the doctor’s office. I had to leave for a work errand, so I will have to do that tomorrow. Go there and breathe a little bit in a machine, so my lungs get a little bit better. I have a bad voice right now, it sounds bad. I don’t have my usual breathing power. It will improve, but on the way there it hurts a little bit in my lungs and ribs.

Well. I had a good week at work. I have paid my bills today, even the shopping spree I did at the end of last month has been paid. I have a service on the car and then a painter doing our roof next week. Feels good. Need to do that. But still one more thing to book and repair. Our kitchen wear needs a little bit help from a technician. So that needs to be fixed next week too. I am having, do what needs to be done week next week. I have autumn holidays, awesome to have that. On Friday I have leave of absence from work, since I am attending my studies in Stockholm this weekend. Feels great. So I will be in Stockholm the coming one and a half week. On Friday we have Halloween at home. Masks, wigs and make-up accordingly and Halloween food. Then the kid will go to the grandparents. I visited my mum this week. They have renovated their house and it looks better than ours. It is way much bigger… They also have 2 expensive new cars… but then again they worked at least 20 years longer than us…

Well. Anyways. It is free from the kid week this coming week. Free from work and kids. So it is an errand week really. Do what you want week. But before that it is a family weekend.

Well. My classroom is looking better each day. I have organised and labeled everything I gone through so far. I am thinking the kids are getting a hang of it better and better each week. I am way much more organised than the other teacher was. I organise something new each week. We only have so much time. The kids are learning more and more, the more I teach ’em. Wanna give them a “smörgårdsbord” of knowledge. Make ’em smarter…? At least more knowledge.



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