Need my money

I didn’t get the extra money that they missed last salary. I will get it on payday. So yeah, my paycheck is a nice welcome addition this coming week. I think we get  ~50000 SEK after taxes this month together. It’s a enormous difference than when I was a student full-time. I am still a student full-time… or really I study more than 150%… but that’s not a biggie. Well. Anyways. It feels great to be up on these levels of money again. Perhaps I can even give a nice gift to the orphans and some animal shelters next month. I am however going to be free from work six days in total, so next salary is reducted with that money.

Soon it is autumn holidays and the kid goes to the grandparents for a week. I go home, to my partner. We’re probably gonna have a let of sex. Haha. No kid and me being free all week. I have however promised to help out a friend as a documentary filmer, if he needs it that week, for free. Volonteer. We’ll see. But that is when I have time to do it, if he needs help that is.

My LAS is ticking. Feels great. Means I am adding on to the LAS days, when you have enough you will have the right to temp jobs in my city. All my old LAS days are to old to use because I worked too many years ago. Feels really great. I could use that option if I wanted too that is. I have many educations and the city will have a big problem turning me down from the temp jobs. After working a certain amount I will have the right to permanent position within my city. Feels even more great. I am looking forward to having a better work life.

If I could get a permanent job in my hometown my family would be moving with me next year. I don’t wanna live in Stockholm. I never did. I always wanted to live in my hometown. I tried the neighbouring town a couple of years, but it was not for me. Never enjoyed living there. I was too lonely, even though I had four friends living there at that time… but I never really enjoyed it as much as my hometown. Now I am in my hometown. I like my hometown and the people there. They can talk to strangers out on the streets, at least the real hometowners can. In Stockholm not everyone can. In my hometown the “visitors” cannot either…

I like my hometown. Even though I had a crappy work week. But Stockholm was even worse this week. I have also been in an trafficaccident. Shit happens, only materialistic shit. It will get better. It can be fixed.

But someone tried to interfere in my life in Stockholm, but it ended bad for them, since they where wrong and I am always right in the things I say and do. I am not stupid, but people think I am. Not be fooled by my looks, or body language. You might be the stupid one, after all. Most likely. The stupid go on the wrong things. Therefore their stupidness only ends up in costing them much more than they thought they would gain. They couldn’t gain, since they where wrong. They where enemies and being my enemy is the wrong choice. You are much better off with me as your friend. Don’t ever get into a fight with me, it will only cost you everything. Maybe they have a lesson to learn here. Don’t be bias. They where. Don’t ever be bias. Work your best. It’s hard, but you shouldn’t be lagom, that is the worst thing you can be when it comes to identity.


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